I’m Jess. I take pictures of your real moments.

Let me cut to the chase. I want you, to want to work with me because you love my work. Not because I have the best price or because you’re in a pinch and need someone with a camera. I want you to value your photos and fall in love with them every time you see them- so if you can answer “Yes” to all these questions, then send me a message and let’s make some magic.

1. Do you want to have photos that show your real life, potentially hot mess, moments?

2. Are you okay with playing games and taking a stroll, rather than 30 minutes of staring directly into the camera during the session?

3. Are you often cut out of the memories because your significant other sucks at taking photos?

4. Do you promise not to dress your family in all 100% identical outfits? (Unless they’re matching PJs.. I’m all about the matching jammies)

If you said “yes” to all this- then HELL YES! WE ARE A MATCH!

I want to capture your everyday, nothing is too ordinary to celebrate. So invite me over to photograph your kids running through the sprinkler, or to celebrate Dad getting home from work, or to commemorate Mom’s ability to snuggle three children at once.

In 30 years, the picture perfect mantle photo won’t be the one you look back on and hold dear to your heart… the one you treasure will be the very real moments and experiences you shared during your session.

Just let me capture all your feels.

Send me a message to book your session!

A little about me personally: I’ve got a hubby, a baby, a dog, dinosaur tattoos, and I love old junk. It's a wonderful life.